Outdoor Playsets

We have a large selection of playsets to fit your yard, family and budget!  In our 30 years of business we’ve learned that all of those are important to keep in mind.

Playsets to fit your yard – The natural wood of our playsets look perfect in your yard setting…. It's best to have a yard assessment so we can ensure it will go in perfectly.  We have play structures that begin with a basic swing set with a small footprint, to a playhouse for small yards, and play systems that will become a central focus of your back yard!  The options are endless.

Playsets to fit your Family – We always suggest you purchase a playset that your family can grow into not out of!  The taller the deck (5,6,7ft) the longer the slides and the higher the swings go.  If your kids are very small, we recommend 5 or 6 ft.  Older kids need more adventure so we like to suggest 6 or 7 ft. to keep them challenged.

Playsets to fit your Budget – Our playsets range from an $899 swingset to an over $10,000 multi-unit play system.  We really mean it when we say we have an option you can find!  If your budget is the determining factor please check out our Set By Budget Tab for an easy search.


Safety, quality and imaginative play for the kids. We stock just about every combination of the Woodplay lineup. Woodplay's lineup includes both big and small playset combinations, "a set for every family and yard size."

Woodplay is know as the "original wooden playset company," established in 1975 Woodplay has a long tradition of exceptional value and durability.


Our vinyl-encased play sets are safe and durable. Playsets that your family can enjoy to make memories for years to come. We use poly and vinyl-encased, treated lumber so that our structures can withstand any weather condition! Rot proof and splinter-free!

Poly lumber is environmentally friendly as well as long-lasting and maintenance-free. All our Vinyl-Encased Playsets are handmade by Amish craftsmen and come with 20 or 5 year limited warranties.

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