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Woodplay Playhouse 6′ XL Combo 2 with Enclosure (pg. 37)

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Creativity abounds with this Woodplay Playhouse series playset. This square-based swing set offers classic backyard fun and encourages both active and creative play. As one of our best swing sets, this Playhouse model is great for younger kids and smaller yards, but don’t let its size deceive you. Like all Woodplay wooden playsets, the Playhouse 6’ swing set is fully customizable, and has extra room for you to add even more accessories.

The playset shown above is a combo 2 and includes a slide for an exciting and safe high-speed rush as well as a swing beam to get your kids flying high outside. A monkey climber is attached so your kids can imagine swinging through the trees or just hang out in your own backyard, and mounted above the monkey climber is a Skybox that allows for even more space for your kid’s giant imaginations. One of the coolest possible features of any back yard playset is the Hurricane Slide that is included in a combo 5 Woodplay playset! Just imagine the look on your child’s face wen they come outside and see this set for the first time!

The XL deck on this playset increases the available play-space of your backyard playset allowing your child’s imagination to grow into the space, and also provides more space for additional add ons!



  • Combo 2

    • Base Playset
    • Slide
    • Swing Beam



    • 5′ x 7′ Deck Size
    • 6′ Deck Height
    • 9′ Swing Beam Height
    • 12′ Slide Length
    • L17’1″ W22′ H13’4″