Why Choose Redwood or Cedar for Your Outdoor Playset

Buying an outdoor playset is an exciting time for your family! The investment is worth some research.  Playground World with its 25 plus years or experience partners with Woodplay, the country’s original Redwood playset company since 1975 to bring you’re the very best in family play. We feel that a full timbered natural wood play system is best suited for safe family fun for now and years to come.
The biggest advantage of the wooden play system is the rich, natural look. Many of our wooden playsets have club houses that with, windows, shutters, and wooden roofs look like cute little houses. Wood offers a natural beauty that will integrate into your home surroundings without creating a distraction.Full-Timbered Redwood and Cedar vs Vinyl
Wood swing sets are generally made from redwood or cedar, two types of wood that are excellent at resisting rot, decay, and insects. Why not use vinyl sleeve? The interior of the vinyl swing set also contain wood, however it is a general a lower quality and was as smaller dimension lumber. The vinyl units will also hold in moisture, creating a situation where the timber inside the vinyl sleeve basically rots from the inside out. This can make the system wobbly and unsecure.Wood play systems will generally be much cooler to the touch than plastic or vinyl coated play sets Vinyl will typically fade over time as well. Wood play systems do require general maintenance such as bi-annual stain/seal. Doing so will provide your family with many years fun!

Wood Swing Sets. Wood playsets are our most popular option. They are strong and durable, they look amazing in just about any backyard, and they have a ton of features and options. Our wooden playsets are made of sustainable, commercially grown redwood or cedar. This means that they are resistant to rot and decay and will last many years if maintained properly.

There are a lot of things to consider when making this investment for your kids and your yard. We can help you with other factors like deck height and style options.  Come play with us at one of our 2 Toledo showrooms or give us a call at 1-800-381-4902.