How To Choose the Perfect Playset for Your Family

So you’ve decided to take first step in investing in a playset for your family. With so many customizable options it can be a bit overwhelming, but our professional sales staff is here to help guide you to your family’s perfect play system.
It’s actually as simple as 2-3-2!
• 2 Styles
The Playhouse style: more of an upright, post & beam construction, a convertible picnic table underneath with room for a sandbox, more of a gathering center or “clubhouse” feel.
The Outback style: A-frame look, with a swivel tire swing “down under”; more of an activity center.
• 3 Deck Heights
The Standard deck heights are 5, 6 or 7 feet. The deck is the top level of the set. Your deck height will determine how big/long your slide will be. Also, the swing beam is always 3 feet higher than your deck. The higher the beam, the longer the swing arc, the bigger the fun. From a safety perspective the climbing angles never changes, meaning the ladder and rock walls don’t get steeper as the deck height goes up. You can always add accessories as your family grows, you just can’t make the deck taller latter, so it is an important decision.
• 2 Types of Wood
Redwood is the premium building material in the industry. Feels the best, holds its shape the best, and will require the least amount of maintenance. Lifetime warranty on redwood.
Just below is redwood is cedar. Cedar and redwood will perform the best is the hot-dry-wet-cold thru the season. The cedar will require bi-annual re-sealing; it is approximately 15% less than redwood for a similar play system. 15 year warranty on cedar.
So 2 Styles – 3 Heights – 2 Woods. Once you make those decision, then it time to personalize your set with all of our fun options; slides, swings, and colors!!
More good news is, you don’t have to do it all now. Playground World has been here for 25 years, so we will be there for you when you are ready to “add the monkey bars, new swing or whatever addition you want as your family grows”
We have playsets available for every size yard! We’ll put together a footprint to help you visualize where your set will go. In Western Pa we know not all yards are flat. Our sets are designed with adjustable A Frames to accommodate a mild slope. If you have any questions about your yard slope, we will come to your house for a free yard assessment.