Woodplay Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Outback and Playhouse?

Kids are wild about the wide open fun of the ANGLED-BASE Outback swing sets. With the most room "down under" the deck, Outback is a natural choice for the energetic play kids love to uncork. Add a Tire Swing, Rock Wall and Chain Ladder for even more action.

The Playhouse playsets are a SQUARE-BASED foundation for boundless imagination. Play-enhancing accessories fit perfectly beneath the classic Playhouse base. These include a built-in sandbox, or a full-size convertible picnic table which doubles as a sandbox cover. The Playhouse stays in your yard, but the creativity it inspires takes children as far as their dreams can carry them.

What does 5' , 6' , or 7' mean?

It's how we measure fun! Woodplay gives you 3 deck height choices... 5', 6', and 7'. Always keep in mind the higher the deck the longer the slide and the higher the swings. In time, you want your kids to grow INTO a set and not OUT of it.

What is the difference between Regular and XL?

Great times come in 2 deck sizes. The size of a Regular deck is 5' x 5' . The XL measures 5' x 7'.

What is a "Combo"?

Woodplay makes it easy for you to find and design the playset just for you. In either type base you are looking at for a playset (Angled or Square), a Combo is one of 5 basic combinations of swing set components. Pick a Combo to get you in the ballpark of where you want to go. Change it up by selecting the deck height and size. Totally make it your own by adding options, including add-ons, slides, swings, and accessories. If you can dream it, Woodplay can do it.

How involved is the maintenance?

Cedar makes our playsets the most naturally durable and beautiful swing sets available. Because all outdoor wood products require protection, Woodplay applies a specially formulated penetrating, non-toxic water based stain sealant in our factory to enhance and protect your swing set investment.  After a year, we recommend you apply a non-toxic oil based stain sealant after a good power wash.  Use a semi-transparent or transparent stain such as Superdeck Semi-transparent Redwood Stain. We provide this service at a cost between $600-$1000 depending on the set.

To clean plastic and vinyl swing set components, simply use warm, soapy water.

We do recommend periodic inspections and tightening of your playset. We provide that service for you!